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Sorry for the belated reply to your Inspection Report you sent back in December.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your extremely thorough inspection. I was very impressed with your working knowledge, attention to detail, and communication skills. You clearly have a great deal of experience of all the home systems, and I appreciate your patience in explaining it all in layman's terms.

I am especially thankful that you discovered the wood boring beetle damage to the structure of the house. (Apparently two inspectors prior to you had totally missed that.) As a result of seeing the damage you showed me, I backed out of the deal and withdrew my offer on the house. I think it's fair to say you saved me from a major crisis had the damage gone unseen and I'd completed the purchase. That was invaluable!

I have given two referrals of your name & contact info to real estate agents (friends of friends) who were impressed with the story & wanted to refer future clients to you. And if I find another house to my liking, I will certainly work with you again.


Hi Darrell:

Just wanted to pass on a comment that my Quadrant home representative mention when we went over your report. He said that it was the "best home inspector report that he has ever received." It was clear, to the point, actual warranty related, and with pictures. He says he gets a lot of reports where he thinks the inspector is putting stuff in there just to "justify their price", but it's really non-warranty related stuff. His final comment was...if he were to recommend a home inspector, it would be you and your company.

I told him how pleased I was with your work. I will be recommending you to anyone who asks.

Thanks again.
- Wilson

Hi Darrell - thank you so much for doing the inspection and the wonderful report we received in the mail.

It was a pleasure to meet you too and thanks for putting up with our kids. Our oldest son really wanted to see the house and pick out his room.

Have a great week,

- Vicky

Thank you so much! We were very please with your inspection and it was worth every dime.

Take care,

- Toni

Hey Darrell,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - busy times around here! Wanted to thank you again for the inspection and taking the time to explain everything to me. It was very helpful. I got your packet in the mail Monday and the seller has agreed to make modifications/repairs to the items you identified in your report. So, that's good news!

Thanks again. Enjoy the 4th of July weekend!

- Sydney

Hi Darrell,

Thank you for the very quick turnaround on the summary and the report. I received the report over the weekend in great shape. As always, it is a great end-product that I will keep as the users manual for the house for many years. On the negaotiations front, we are making good use of your findings, especially the roof related issues. Just like last time, your inspection proves to be a great investment with immediate payoff above and beyond the inspection fee. Last time it was your discovery of the aluminum wiring which lead to the seller's redoing all receptacles with proper components. This time, we are asking for the replacement of the roof.

Thank you for a job well done as always.

- Ufuk

Darell - thanks for the quick response, better than I had hoped on the inspection report. I was referred by another satisfied customer of yours, Ocean Ulugaono. He happens to work for me, and I remembered him speaking highly of your service.

- Robert

Dear Darrell,

Thank you for delivering the inspection report so promptly. We have received the emails as well as the hard copy in the mail. We all appreciate the wonderful job you did on the inspection. You were very helpful and informative. We will contact you if we have any questions. Thank you very much.

- Stacie and Joe

Hi Darrell,

We appreciate all you did yesterday. We learned a lot and we also admire your thoroughness in your inspection. And the results are so fast! I was expecting this after lunch today! Thank you so much!!

- Portia and Paul

Thank you Darrell! We really enjoyed the house inspection yesterday, and learned a lot. Thanks a lot for your candor and attention to detail; you were a good person to learn about this townhouse with.


- Peter & Maria

Thanks Darrell so much for the very thorough inspection you did. We truly
appreciate having you gone through everything with such attention to detail.

We'll review the report as soon as we find time (busy starting work at MS)

and will let you know if we have any questions.

- Michael


Thank you so much for the great inspection. I learned so much from you since I have never owned my own place and knew absolutely nothing before this inspection. I would recommend you to anyone. I also just received your binder with all the pictures, etc. You did such a thorough job & the pics were excellent. You may see me again soon if I am lucky enough to find another place and need another inspection since I ended up not wanting the place in Shoreline because of some of the problems you found.

Thanks again!
- Pam

Hi Darrell,

It was very nice meeting you as well and learning more about the home. Thank you for sending this thorough report and for sending it to us in such a timely manner.


- Margaret

Thank you Darrell for your excellent report. Because we had it and knew the parameters of the existing problems with the property, we were able to negotiate in a knowlegable way. I am happy to tell you that Chela and Sergio won the right to purchase their "dream house". There were 8 bids on the property.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to working together in the future.

- Martha


It looks great! Thank you so much for all of your time and energy yesterday. I really appreciated and enjoyed working with you! I am especially thankful for all of the information and tips that you shared.

Best to you and your family too,

- Julie


I wanted to thank you for the extremely thorough inspection you did of our
(soon to be) house. I really appreciated that you took the time to explain
the items you found as we were all walking through the house. It made us
know the house much better and consequently, it already feels like our home.
The report looks great, and we are very impressed with the turn-around time.

Thanks again,
- Lise


We wanted to thank you for doing such a great job inspecting our Condo and creating the detailed report. Your report was very thorough and your explanations were easy to understand. Take care.

Our best,
- Josie and Matthew


Thank you very much. We really enjoyed working with you. You were prompt, easy to talk to, explained everything very well, did a very thorough job and got us our report in record time. We were very satisfied with the exemplary work you did and would highly recommend you. Thanks for a job well done.

- Michael & Jeanne-Marie

Hey Darrell,

Thanks for the detailed summary! It was definitely a pleasure for us to be able to work with you. Your punctuality, professionalism and helpfulness is much appreciated. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Just a quick question. You mentioned that you will be putting together a CD with all the pictures you took on Saturday. When should I expect to receive that?


- Jordan

We received the full report yesterday and wanted to say thanks and what a great job! I know quality when I see it (that’s my job) and this is top quality. Will certainly recommend…

- F.

Thank you SO much Darryl for everything yesterday. It indeed was a pleasure to meet and work with you – your insight and advice yesterday was truly appreciated. I will most certainly pass on your name to any friends that may be looking to do an inspection. Stay safe on those roofs out there!

God bless,
- Brian

Hi Darrell,

I wanted to thank you for your very thorough inspection of my new house. I know it's "just your job" but it's my home and the security I feel in my new house means everything. The sellers have already fixed two of the top critical items. They received a roof certification and they had French drains installed around the perimeter of the crawl space (it wasn't cheap). They also fixed the leak in the main bathtub.

I don't know if this is something you do, but do you have referrals or have preferences to companies that do certain services or repairs? I'm looking specifically for the chimney cleaner and/or repair. I don't know where to start and do not want to just pick out of the Yellow Pages. I have an issue with not trusting service or repair people, especially being a women (it's really bad to have to still say that in this day and age) but if I get a referral, then I feel better.

Thanks again for any ideas or referrals. I have made a small (big) list for Chick to consider since he is a great handyman.

Thanks Darrell,

Have a great 4th

- Cathy

Dear Darrell Marsolais:

Million thanks for the great job you did yesterday. You are the best home

We will carefully review the summary report. If we have any question, we
will contact you.

One small request: could you please send over all the pictures you took on
the house so that we can show to the repairmen or to the owners?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You definitely deserve lots of referrals.

Best regards,
 - Charlie

Dear Darrell:

Thank you for everything. Your inspection was so thorough and professional. You really explained everything well and we enjoyed working with you. We are very excited about our new home. Thanks for helping us get here.


- Leigh and Chris

January 20, 2004


Thank you for being part of our home purchase experience. You were great to work with.


- Gretchen and Matthew

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